Information on data processing in the Unemployment Insurance’s information systems

Personal data are stored and processed in information systems of the Unemployment Insurance (ALV). This document provides an overview of what personal data are, how they are processed and who can access them. It also explains the rights of jobseekers in this regard.

Short information

What are personal data?

‘Personal data’ are all details and information relating to an identified or identifiable person. The processing personal data is always done on a lawful basis or after the data subject has given their consent.

The applicable legal bases are listed in the last section of this page. Further information on personal data can be found in the UIA & RecA data privacy guidance (in German, French and Italian).

Unemployment Insurance’s information systems

The Unemployment Insurance has several different information systems. Below you will find a short description of these systems, the most important processed data and the main authorised users. A comprehensive list of processed data and authorised users can be found in the UIA Information Systems Ordinance (available in German, French and Italian).

To whom can the data be passed on?

The data in the information systems can be passed on to other authorities under certain conditions. Details of these conditions can be found in Article 97a of the Unemployment Insurance Act (UIA) and Article 34a of the Recruitment Act (RecA). The authorities concerned include, for example, cantonal tax authorities, the Federal Statistical Office and investigating authorities.

The data in the information systems are also very important for research. Personal data can therefore be passed on to research institutions on a one-time basis provided the data subjects have given their consent in writing. No consent is required for purely statistical, anonymised or pseudonymised data, or if there is an overriding public interest in disclosure. Likewise, no consent is required for surveys and research projects that are conducted on behalf of SECO.  

What are my rights?

Jobseekers have the right to be informed about the use of their data free of charge and in a clear and readily understandable form.

During a specific timeframe for benefit eligibility, insured persons can also request that data stored about them are rectified or amended.

Stored data must be retained for five years from the last time they were processed. Data that do not have to be stored for statistical purposes are subsequently deleted.

Whom can I contact?

Jobseekers can contact the RAV if data related to RAV counselling or employment services are processed. Those who are registered with the Unemployment Insurance can contact their unemployment insurance fund if data on unemployment benefits are affected.

Those who are no longer registered with the Unemployment Insurance and would like information on their stored data, can contact SECO at the following address:

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)
Labour Market and Unemployment Insurance
Holzikofenweg 36, 3003 Bern

Further information

More details on the data processed in the Unemployment Insurance’s information systems, access rights and the rules on data sharing can be found in the following:

- Unemployment Insurance Act (in German, French and Italian) in particular Art. 97a
- Recruitment Act (in German, French and Italian) in particular Art. 34a
- UI Information Systems Ordinance (in German, French and Italian) in particular Annexes 1-3
- Guidance on the processing of personal data in the areas of RecA and UIA from the unemployment insurance compensation office (in German, French and Italian)