Expiry of unemployment benefit

It is possible for your entitlement to unemployment benefit to expire before you are able to re-enter the labour market. Below we describe what you need to consider if your entitlement to unemployment benefit expires and what support measures you can still access. If your entitlement to unemployment benefit expires after the age of 60, you also need to consider the regulations on transition benefits for unemployed persons.

Expiry of unemployment benefit – what next?

Transition benefits for older unemployed persons

Persons who are 60 or over when their entitlement to unemployment benefit expires and no longer have sufficient income, can receive transition benefits until retirement, provided: 

  • they have been covered by the old age and survivors’ insurance (OASI) scheme in Switzerland for at least 20 years, including at least five years after the age of 50;
  • they earned at least CHF 21,510 a year during this period of 20 years or more;
  • they do not have assets worth in excess of CHF 50,000 (single persons) or CHF 100,000 (married couples) (excluding owner-occupied property);
  • they are resident in Switzerland or an EU or EFTA member state; and
  • their admissible expenses exceed their eligible income.

The transition benefits cover the costs of general subsistence, housing and health insurance. Income and a portion of assets are deducted. Transition benefits also reimburse incurred sickness and disability costs amounting to a maximum of CHF 5,000 for single people or CHF 10,000 for married couples. The maximum annual amount of transition benefits is CHF 44,123 (single people) and CHF 66,184 (married couples).

You will find details on entitlement and calculation of transition benefits on the Transition benefits page of the Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO).

If you would like to apply for transition benefits, you need to contact the competent implementing body. This is usually the compensation office in the canton where you live.