Interinstitutional cooperation (IIZ)

Interinstitutional cooperation (IIZ) strengthens cooperation and turns institutional boundaries into real opportunities. For this to happen, it takes the strengths of all areas. IIZ covers the cooperation of two or more institutions in the following areas:

  • Unemployment insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Social welfare
  • Integration of foreign nationals
  • Professional training

IIZ pursues the broader aim of trying to improve the chances of people who are entering the regular labour market, and aligning the various systems in the best possible way. It puts people at the centre and creates value on the ground. At the national level, IIZ also shapes the framework for pragmatic and binding cooperation. To turn intersections into seamless interfaces, thus facilitating professional as well as social integration over the long term.

Are you affected?
Your RAV personnel consultant can assist you in this regard and provide information on how the IIZ process is organised.
You can access all the cantonal IIZ offices here.