Consultations and placement

The RAV personnel consultants are committed, highly trained experts, who will help you while you are unemployed and actively assist you in finding a job. Together with your personnel consultant, over the course of various personal discussions, you will draw up a professional situation analysis, which forms the basis for your successful re-entry into the labour market. It is often the case that you should critically assess your previous strategy and adopt a new approach. Targeted training courses and employment schemes that prepare you for the current labour market are also helpful in this regard.
The consultation and placement services provided by the RAV are also available after being potentially removed from an unemployment insurance fund (expiry of unemployment benefit). Even if you no longer receive daily allowances, you can continue to get advice and help in finding a job from the RAV.

Job placement
Your RAV personnel consultant will help you in looking for permanent and temporary roles. Working closely together with employers ensures that you will be notified straightaway of any vacancies. This means you will quickly benefit from Switzerland’s largest and most up-to-date job exchange, and your employment prospects will be increased thanks to the personal recommendations to employers.