Consultations and placement

Your personnel consultant at the regional employment centre (RAV) will advise you while you are unemployed and actively assist you in finding a job. Over the course of various personal discussions, you will work together to draw up a professional situation analysis that will form the basis for your fast and long-term reintegration into the labour market. This may include assessing your previous strategy together and changing your approach if necessary. You can also discuss new opportunities on the labour market with your personnel consultant. Labour market measures can help improve your specific chances and prepare you for the current labour market.

The consultation and placement services provided by the RAV are also available after unemployment benefit ends (expiry of unemployment benefit). Even if you no longer receive daily allowances, you can continue to get advice and help in finding a job from the RAV.

Job placement

Your RAV personnel consultant will help you in looking for a new job. The RAV’s close ties with employers ensure that you will be notified early on of any vacancies. Recommendations to employers increase your chances of being hired. You can also benefit from the largest job portal in Switzerland on Job Room. When you register on Job Room, you benefit from receiving advanced information about job vacancies (see Signing on and registration).