Looking for work in the EU/EFTA

EURES (EURopean Employment Services) is a cooperation network of public employment services in the European Union (EU) and the countries in the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). EURES aims to facilitate the mobility of workers within these countries.

The EURES European portal contains important information on living and working in the EU/EFTA. Here you are able to upload your CV and search for a job directly on the website.

Country-specific information
Are you looking for work in a member state of the European Union or EFTA and require more information about a particular country?

Here you can find useful information on the individual countries.

EURES brochures: living and working in the EU/EFTA


Can EURES Switzerland help me find a job in the EU/EFTA?
EURES Switzerland does not place people in jobs itself. The EURES portal contains job advertisements published in all the EU/EFTA member states.

There are EURES advisers in all EU/EFTA member states, who can provide you with information tailored to your requirements. The EURES advisers in your destination country can provide useful information on putting together an application dossier, so that it is in line with the conventions in the local labour market. You can find the relevant contact information here.

The EURES advisers report to the public labour market authorities. They are your first point of contact for all questions relating to the European labour market and professional mobility. In addition, EURES advisers in Switzerland specialise in providing information on individual EU countries and can therefore offer very targeted information.

Can EURES Switzerland help me find an internship in the EU/EFTA?
EURES Switzerland does not place candidates in internships itself. On the EURES portal you can find internships published in all EU/EFTA member states by entering the keyword ‘internship’ under ‘Find a job in Europe’.

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