New programme: supported employment for over 50s

Workers aged 50 or over have a great of potential to bring to the labour market. However, they often face challenges when looking for a job. This is why the federal government and cantons are trialling the new supported employment labour market measure for jobseekers aged over 50. The pilot will run for five years from 2021 to 2025.

Potential of the workforce: Federal measures

The new supported employment programme is aimed at people aged 50 or over who are about to lose their unemployment benefits, and aims to find them a suitable job. The programme lasts for up to 18 months and therefore covers the period after they have lost their entitlement to unemployment benefit.

Explanatory video: Supported employment for jobseekers aged 50 or over (in German)

What’s new?
The programme is different from conventional labour market measures organised by the unemployment insurance. Participation is voluntary. Jobseekers aged 50 or over are invited to participate in the programme, and they don’t need to be referred by the competent RAV. Job coaches are heavily involved in the job search, and assist participants and employers even after participants have started a new role. To ensure lasting integration, an allowance can be paid to employers where necessary and/or training measures can be offered to employees.

Information for jobseekers

Information for employers

Jobseekers aged 50 or over have a great deal of work experience and are motivated to take on new professional challenges. Jobseekers taking part in the supported employment programme apply specifically for jobs where their profile matches the job requirements. Because participants and their coaches concentrate on their professional profiles and the opportunities on the labour market, you as an employer will receive tailor-made offers and applications that are a great fit for your organisation.

If additional qualifications are needed for the role, the job coaches can quickly and simply fund relevant courses. You will receive a financial allowance to help cover any costs incurred for on-the-job training. Seize the opportunity and give a jobseeker over 50 the chance to be a part of your team.

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