Revisions to the Unemployment Insurance Act (UIA)

On 15 February 2023, the Federal Council adopted the dispatch on the first partial revision of the Unemployment Insurance Act (UIA). In response to motion 16.3884 submitted by Manfred Bühler, it contains a new provision on short-time working compensation for workplace trainers. Parliament will debate the dispatch from the 2023 summer session.

Mehr Unterstützung für Berufsbildnerinnen und Berufsbildner (Medienmitteilung des Bundesrates, 15.02.2023)

The report on the results of the consultation (in German) is available at Abgeschlossene Vernehmlassungen - 2022.

On 9 December 2022, the Federal Council opened the consultation procedure on the second partial revision of the Unemployment Insurance Act (UIA). In particular, the partial revision will establish legal clarity around the compensation system for the administrative costs of unemployment insurance funds and will extend participation in workplace training for young adults. It therefore responds to Motion Müller 20.3665 "Transparency in the unemployment insurance funds". At the same time, it implements the optimisation potential regarding unemployment insurance offers for young adults, which was identified in the Federal Council report in response to Postulate Jositsch 20.3480. The consultation will run until 20 March 2023.

Mehr Kostentransparenz bei den Arbeitslosenkassen (Medienmitteilung des Bundesrates, 09.12.2022)

Vernehmlassungsunterlagen auf der Webseite der Bundeskanzlei

Completed revisions

The Federal Council decided on 26 May that the amendments to the Unemployment Insurance Act (UIA) will enter into force on 1 July 2021. The amendments simplify the regulations on short-time working compensation and reduce the administrative burden on businesses. The Federal Council also enacted the corresponding amendment to the Unemployment Insurance Ordinance (UIO) and the new UI Information System Ordinance as of the same date. 

Unemployment Insurance Act: Federal Council enacts amendments (Press release in German, 26.05.2021)