Revisions to the Unemployment Insurance Act (UIA)

The Federal Council opened a consultation procedure on a partial revision of the Unemployment Insurance Act (UIA) on 10 June 2022. A new provision on short-time working compensation is to be introduced so that workplace trainers affected by short-time working can continue to supervise apprentices. This option is already available to businesses claiming short-time working compensation due to COVID-19 and is now intended to be introduced into ordinary law across the board. This therefore satisfies Motion Bühler 16.3884. The consultation will run until 21 September 2022.

Mehr Unterstützung für Berufsbildnerinnen und Berufsbildner (Medienmitteilung des Bundesrates, 10.06.2022)
Vernehmlassungsunterlagen auf der Webseite der Bundeskanzlei

Another partial revision on the implementation of Motion Müller 20.3665 and on other topics is currently being prepared at SECO.

Completed revisions

The Federal Council decided on 26 May that the amendments to the Unemployment Insurance Act (UIA) will enter into force on 1 July 2021. The amendments simplify the regulations on short-time working compensation and reduce the administrative burden on businesses. The Federal Council also enacted the corresponding amendment to the Unemployment Insurance Ordinance (UIO) and the new UI Information System Ordinance as of the same date. 

Unemployment Insurance Act: Federal Council enacts amendments (Press release in German, 26.05.2021)