Tips on applying for jobs

Looking for work is a full-time job. Here are some useful tips to get you started.

For professional and personal advice on applying for jobs, register with your regional employment centre (RAV).

Active job search

Networking, online job portals and vacancies on company websites or in newspapers – all of these channels can help you to find a job. Talk to friends and acquaintances (even from a long time ago) and tell them what sort of job you are looking for. A lot of job vacancies are filled in this way. Your personal contacts can be very helpful when looking for work.

Get organised right from the start. Make a checklist and keep a record of your applications.


The internet provides you with many options for finding job vacancies. Use the numerous websites and digital services to look for a job. Stay up to date online about newly-advertised jobs and subscribe to job search services, like the one available to registered users of Job-Room.

Unsolicited applications

According to experts, jobs are often filled through spontaneous applications, i.e. applications that are not made on the basis of a specific job advertisement (also called blind applications). This type of application indicates the job seeker is highly motivated and is particularly interested in working for the company. This captures the attention of the company’s HR division. Make use of this possibility as well.

Personnel consultants

There are various types of personnel consultants, for example:

  • headhunters
  • private job placement agencies
  • regional employment centres (RAV)

Make use of their services – they have a lot of useful contacts with employers and can provide you with individual advice and help.

Following up on applications

If you haven’t had a response to an application for some time, get in touch with the company and politely ask them about the status of your application. This shows a potential employer that you are interested and makes you stand out from other applicants.