RAV for employers

Are you looking for new staff? Or do you have a vacancy that needs to be filled quickly?  Numerous qualified, high-performing job seekers are registered at the regional employment centres (RAV), whom you can employ straightaway to fill any temporary or permanent vacancies you may have.

You can register your vacancies online via the Job-Room. You'll find information on the occupation types that need to be registered under the job registration requirement

The RAV – your partner

The RAV provides the following services free of charge:

  • Personalised advice on filling your vacancy
  • Publication of your job vacancy in the Job-Room
  • Targeted pre-selection of candidates based on your criteria
  • Contact with registered jobseekers in the Job-Room
  • Advice on support offerings provided by the Unemployment Insurance for employers 

As an employer, if you find yourself in the difficult situation of having to make redundancies, it is important to offer support to those affected at an early stage. The earlier you get the RAV involved, the sooner the RAV personnel consultants can start offering your employees their job placement services. It is easier to find someone a job if they are (still) in employment.

Support offered by the Unemployment Insurance (UI) for employers

Thanks to the possibility of induction, placement and training grants, you can give qualified apprentices and people with few professional skills the chance to gain a foothold in the labour market and open up their career prospects. The UI covers some of the salary costs for an agreed period of time, which can be advantageous for both parties.

If you are unsure about whether an applicant is suitable for a vacancy, ask the responsible RAV about a probationary period.

The RAVs provide a wide range of free-of-charge services – take advantage of these and arrange a personal meeting.