Measures in the event of mass redundancies

Plant closures and mass redundancies entail many problems, both on a professional, and on a personal level. Timely and professional support for jobseekers is crucial to allow them to find another job. However, not all companies are able to offer such professional support. They can therefore contact the competent cantonal authority.


As soon as the mass redundancies are announced, the company contacts the competent cantonal authority to define support for employees who are likely to lose their jobs. The support plan is then prepared to best respond to the needs of employees in order to guarantee a professional and smooth transition.


The unemployment insurance can finance some of the proposed measures and will take account of the company's financial situation and the cost of the measures.

The request for financing must be validated by the canton and forwarded to SECO at least one week before the measures start.

Support measures

There are three types of measures that can be covered by the unemployment insurance:


More information and contact

If you would like further information, please contact the competent cantonal authority.